Old Garden

     Back in the 1950s till 2004 the land at and around the Blue Lizard Vineyard and Winery was a working farm.  It was mainly a chicken farm with a couple thousand chickens.  The farm also raised steer and pigs.  There were many large gardens on the farm, which would harvest corn, potatoes, and reap hay. 

     The owners of the farm at this time, the Lopatas, were dedicated, hardworking individuals, who to this day take pride in their land and what was accomplished with it.  



Winery Grape Vines     The McArdle's and the Seitz's are continuing that hard work and dedication at the Blue Lizard Vineyard and Winery.  Since we have adopted the land and planted the grapes in 2012, we have been caring for our vines and have been waiting for the day to share our wine with the community.

     We are looking forward to providing an exceptional wine tasting experience, pairings, and the ambiance of the vineyard whether you are admiring it through the windows, or taking in the sights outside on the patio.