Welcome to Blue Lizard Vineyard & Winery

The Blue Lizard Vineyard and Winery is located in Andreas, Pennsylvania. The vineyard is nestled on an area of land that is situated between the Blue Mountain and the Lizard Creek.  This is how we created our meaningful name. 

Inside of the Blue Lizard

At the Blue Lizard, we welcome family and friends of new and old to visit us, and enjoy our splendid wine and atmosphere.  We look forward to serving you.  Cheers!

-  Tom and Mindy McArdle & Brian and Kylie Seitz

Blue Lizard Vineyard & Winery Testimonials

  • "Blue Lizard winery is a exceptional family operated winery. They produce high quality, great tasting wine at a reasonable cost. The best PA wine I have ever had. Highly recommended."

    Matt Kuzma

  • "Best wine ever! Do yourself a favor, get some! Cheers"

    MB Zulic

  • "I thought the cabernet sauvignon had great flavor; very fruity yet woodsy. Hints of oak and maple. That is my wine tasting 101 training."

    Best regards, "


  • "Best cabaret Sauvignon I've had in a long time! Quality wine at a reasonable price made right here in our backyard-we are very lucky to have this family owned and operated vineyard in our area. We love being able to adopt our own vine-looking forward to many good times at the Blue Lizard!"

    Patrick Crampsie

  • "My husband and I recently signed up for the Blue Lizard Vineyard and Winery's Vine Club, adopt a vine. We're so excited to be part of this fun experience and share in what we are sure will be a great establishment for many years to come! We had several different flavors of wine over the past few years to taste and share with family and friends. They were all delicious! Looking forward to seeing you in the tasting room!"
    Cheers to much success and memories to be made!

    The DiBonifazio's